Sunday, March 2, 2008

Easter Tablescapes 2008

To view details of our 2009 Easter Tablescape, pictured above, click here.
See below for our 2008 tablescape.

Easter Tablescape Ideas - Spring 2008

The above Easter Tablescape features pretty pink, yellow, and green pastels with small highlights of baby blue.

Gingham always reminds me of the start of spring and summer.
Yellow, pink, and green gingham cloths were layered atop a plain white tablecloth. Yellow and pink gingham napkins were also used.

Cottage chic pastry stands were topped with birds nests filled with sugared bird eggs in matching shades of pink, blue, and green. The birds nests were also placed a top a layer of Spanish moss while faux spring flowers were tucked into the moss to add more touches of color.

I love how these sugared birds' eggs glisten in the light or sun.

So pretty - and the best part, these eggs can be stored away and used from year to year.

A feather wreath was placed upon a shabby chic candelabra.
To add more color to the basic white pillar candle, flowers and a little green bird were tucked into the feather wreath surrounding the candle.

These adorable moss covered bunny rabbits were also added to the base of this spring centerpiece. If you'd like to extend this centerpiece beyond the Easter holiday merely remove the bunny rabbits after Easter Sunday.

Spanish moss is placed around the bunny rabbits.

In addition to the Spanish moss, bright green moss layers and spring flowers are also integrated to add more volume to the base of the tablescape.

White lace votives also add a touch of glow to this spring centerpiece.

The Easter place settings consist of white shabby chic charger plates, gingham napkins, and vine nest favors. Cute green and white polka dot place cards are also being used.

The vine nest favors were first filled with 2-3 small white feathers.
Chocolate bird eggs were then added to complete this perfectly tasty take-home favor.

Other Variations on this Easter Centerpiece:

In the above Eater centerpiece, the shabby chic candelabra was replaced with a spring decorated tree.

The tree was topped with a pretty pink birdie.
Feathers, spring flowers, and sugared Easter eggs were then tucked into the branches of the tree.

In the above spring tablescape, another type of tree was used.

This tree was dressed with faux flowers, glittery eggs, and five inch bird's nests filled with additional glittery eggs.

For another variation of the spring tablescape, we topped a feather wreath with a decorative bird's nest. This bird's nest was then filled with chocolate birds eggs. Another yummy treat for guests' to take-away.

If you'd like to guide where you're guests will be seated, spring place cards can easily be integrated into any of these place settings.

In the above place setting, pretty shabby chic luncheon plates and our shabby chic charger plates are also highlighted.

Easter Tablescape Ingredients:
Pink Shabby Chic Luncheon Plates: Available from Crossroads Cottage
Shabby Chic Pastry Stands: Available from Crossroads Cottage

or white lace inspired Cake Stands
Easter Trees:

Easter Egg Twig Tree
Other Recommended Easter Tablecloths/Linens:

Eggs Napkins & Napkin Rings
Chocolate Birds Eggs: Available from Cadbury or Hersheys

Sugared Birds Eggs: I purchased at TJ Maxx HomeGoods
Faux Spring Flowers: I purchased at Michael's, flowers were easily pulled off larger/longer branches
Feather Wreaths: I purchased at Flower Factory - also available at Craft Stores. Also available online.
Feathers: Available in craft stores such as Michael's or Hobby Lobby
Spanish Moss: I purchased at Michael's. Also available online.
Green Moss: I purchased at Michaels
Pink and Green Craft Birdies: Available at Michaels
White Pillar Candle: Available at Hobby Lobby
White Shabby Chic Candlebra: I purchased at Hobby Lobby, Summer 2007

For other recommended Easter products, please visit here.

Napkin Fold Pictured in Placesettings:

Start out with a square napkin. Fold each corner to the exact center until you have a smaller square. Fold each corner into the center once again until the square is smaller still. Place napkin atop plate and add vine nest favor.

Looking for other spring tablescape ideas?
I recently purchased the book, Table Inspirations: Stylish Ideas for Elegant Entertaining by Emily Chalmers. This book also has some beutifully unique Easter Centerpiece ideas. This book is available at Barnes & Nobles.


Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Oh my! So shabby sweet, absolutely beautiful!!!

Alice W. said...

So pretty and festive! Fabulous as usual Shana!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Really lovely tablescapes! I really like the tree with the nests on the branches. Thanks for the book recommendation - I'll have to take a look at it.


The Vintage Butterfly said...

Great post! Very pretty many of my favorite things there: birds, nests, gingham, bunnies.

Great flower lady said...

I have to have some of them cute moss bunny's!! will you be getting anymore in stock?? could you let me know~Tracy