Sunday, March 30, 2008

April Picnic Tablescape

Not sure about the rest of you, but I'm sure ready for spring to spring. :-) While planning my April tablescape I originally planned to go with a very spring themed scape featuring tulips, daffodils, and lot of pastel colors. I even planned on featuring tulips from my very own flower beds, but unfortunately nature had its own plans and my tulips are no where close to blossoming and are sadly only a couple of inches high. (I am not believing the whole global warming effect this spring. :) Sorry - I digress. With all of the above being said, I decided to go for a more picnic themed tablescape as there is nothing better than the first spring day that you are actually able to dine outside. As I'm still looking forward to this day here in the Midwest, I decided to create a tablescape that would bring an outdoor picnic indoors!

My picnic tablescape features the bright bold colors of red, blue, green, and orange. A natural colored picnic basket, natural colored bamboo place mats, and a faux grass tabletop bring the outdoors inside when it's still a bit too cold to enjoy yourselves outdoors.

For decor, I utilized items that could actually be feasted upon during the meal including a fresh loaf of french bread, fresh baked pies, and lots of fresh fruit including a mini watermelon, tangerines, key limes, and grapes. (If you'd like your tablescape to last the entire month, faux fruit and even other food items such as french bread can be purchased at most craft stores. If any of you have a Flower Factory near you, they have reasonably priced - and realistic- faux food items.)

To mimic grass, I purchased faux grass carpet from my local Menards home improvement store. (Yes, the tacky carpet that is frequently seen covering patios, etc. HaHa. I was actually a bit embarrassed to be seen buying it!) Once I got the faux grass home, I cut a piece to cover the top of my table and placed it upon a natural color linen tablecloth that I already had in my linen collection.

Yet another view of the tablescape. I loved the look of the above artichoke, but to tell you the truth I've never purchased a fresh artichoke and have no idea how to actually prepare it. :-) Guess I'll be learning. (Actually, I'll probably forget I even have it until it turns into a science experiment in my fridge.)

I've had the above enamelware coffee pot vases available in my shop since the fall. I thought now would be the perfect time to highlight them. The vases come with their own flower frogs so it's really easy to get flowers - and even grape stems - to flow out of the vase.

Yum. Yum. I love orange and green color schemes!

Another view of the picnic basket centerpiece. Picnic baskets are pretty inexpensive and make a wonderful focal piece for your table. Plus, they come in really handy when you actually dine outdoors. :-)
I also added a pitcher filled with yellow poppies to this tablescape bringing more nature indoors.

The above and below are my favorite parts of this piece. My local Meijer grocery store bakes miniature pies that are just big enough for a couple to share. (They used to make individual pies as well.) I placed a pie on top of a bandanna (could double as a napkin) which is a atop a plate basket (the type you insert paper plates into) which is atop a blue speckled enamelware metal frying pan/skillet (the type that is traditionally sold in the camping sections of stores). For a simpler look, you could also place the pies atop an enamelware dinner plate. Enamelware dinning sets including plates, bowls, and mugs are available for purchase at many outdoor stores. For place cards, I purchased mini chalkboards at Jo Ann Fabrics.

I also purchased a larger chalkboard at Jo Anns. The below could be placed on your table to welcome guests or it could also be used as a menu board.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this Picnic Tablescape. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll actually be able to dine outdoors instead of faking a picnic indoors. And maybe, just maybe, my May tablescape will be able to feature my spring tulips. Right now I'm thinking of creating a Mother's Day Tablescape for May, but you'll have to check-back to see. :-)
Tablescape Ingredients:
Bandanna - Navy Blue - Also available in sets of 100 here. Also sold at Hobby Lobby.
Bandanna - Red - Also available in set of 100 here. Also sold at Hobby Lobby.
Faux Food - Available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Flower Factory
Mini Pies - Available at Meijer Supermarket
Mini Chalkboards - Available at Jo Ann Fabrics
Faux Grass Carpet - Available at Menards


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I live in the Midwest, too.

I walked out to get the paper this morning (next to our rural mailbox) and I heard what seemed like hundreds of birds all chirping at once.

I am convinced they are complaining to their leader who brought them to this cold and dismal day.

Spring has to come soon!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Ooooh what pretty pictures! It makes me want to sit right down and eat! I saw Rogers placecard...he is one lucky guy!! Hang in there, spring is on the way....I don't want to gloat, but I planted a bunch of flowers this weekend in an old shabby tub. It was a warm 82 degrees here. The pics are on my blog if you think they would be inspiring to you. I am sending some spring ju-ju your way! Have a great week. ~ xoxo Joy

Alice W. said...

Adorable! You are so creative!