Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail ...

This morning, while leaving my house, I met up with Mr. Peter Cottontail. He was hippidy hoppiding his way around my front yard. I almost stopped to ask him if he was my tomato biter friend from this past summer. (Roger and I planted a garden and we never got one tomato off the vine before some mysterious creature enjoyed the first bite. Needless to say we didn't enjoy a second after his/her first. ) I'm alway fascinated when I see little creatures hopping or scuttering around my yard. It often makes me wander where they live as I live in a pretty urban area, only minutes from downtown.

Seeing the cute little bunny this morning inspired me to look for some bunny themed Easter items. Isn't the above bunny cookie jar adorable? He is almost cute enough to sit on your coffee table throughout the spring months. Of course, freshly baked cookies would make him one popular piece with your guests as well. Or, place this bunny in the center of your Easter table and he would make a wonderful starting piece for your Easter tablescape. Just add some fresh florals and moss to his base.

These matching bunny napkin ring holders are just too cute to pass up too! They would be great pieces to tie the centerpiece and the outlying areas of your easter table together.

I love the soft colors of the above table runner. The light beige, celadon green and light shades of pink would work wonderfully with the above bunny pieces. This would add just a touch of spring color without outshining the beautiful pieces above. (Matching dishtowels and dishcloths are available.)

I've always wanted a set of cabbage themed plates and bowls. Although I've never wanted to invest in them as all I'd seen in the past were green and wouldn't go with a lot of my tablescapes. But, it now looks as if they are making the cabbage plates and cabbage bowls in a whitish color as well. Perfect as they will just about go with anything - including the bunny table pieces above. Plus, they almost look shabby inspired as well - another positive as I love most shabby chic pieces!

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