Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fabulous Finds: Delicious Dessert Dinner Party Products

Anyone who really knows me knows that I love dessert. Yes, I admit it, I have a sweet tooth, or two - okay, maybe all my teeth are sweet teeth. :-) Truth be told, I love dessert even more than the meal like 95% of the time. In fact, I've been known to take really small servings of the actual meal only so I can overindulge on what is to me the best party of any meal - a sweet, and hopefully dark-chocolatey, treat! So, it wouldn't suprise most that upon seeing the above napkins at Plum Party recently, my mouth instantly started watering. The petit four pictured does look good enough to eat, doesn't it? (I only wish I could get mine to turn out as gorgeous!) So much so that I have a craving to purchase these napkins. I even have a party brewing in my head. A party centered around dessert - A Delicious Dessert Dinner Party! (Of course, the whole point of this party would be to forgo the dinner and move right along to dessert!) This event would be a wonderful one just for you and your girl friends. Have each friend bring their own favorite tempting treat and completely cover your dining room table with them. No need to sit down at the table as you'll be munching on delicacies all evening.

Ingredients for a 'Delicious Dessert Dinner Party':

* Weeks ahead of schedule mail invitations to your friends. To get them really excited about the upcoming festivities, mail them cute menu card invitations. On the inside of the card print the details of the evening instructing each guest to bring their favorite dessert to share on their favorite serving dish. You may also suggest that they bring recipe cards of the dessert along with them to share with party guests. This will get their mouths watering well before the party even begins.

* Of course you'll want to purchase the above napkins to go along with your themed party.

* If these napkins are incorporated you'll already have a built-in color scheme - raspberry pink and chocolate brown. These colors mixed together almost look good enough to eat!

* Before guest's arrive drape dining room table with layers of raspberry and chocolate colored fabrics. Just purchase several yards from your local fabric store. Don't know how to sew, no problem! When draping fabric you are easily able to hide seams or frayed edges. To create several different layers for your guest's dessert dishes, before draping fabric, scatter varying heights of boxes or books on table. Once finished, drape fabric over these items and guests won't know that you're actually hiding ugly boxes and telephone books!

* For the evening's entertainment, rent the movie Chocolat. Before guest's arrive be sure to have plenty of throw pillows arranged on the floor in the room where you will be watching the movie. Also purchase the large boxes of candy (similar to the size you buy in movie theatres - most drug or Target type stores carry these) and scatter those around the room. These boxes of candies along with plenty of drinks and maybe even large popcorn themed tubs filled with chocolate covered caramel corn will help make your dessert themed party a huge hit.

* For favors your guests can walk away with all of the recipes cards that have been brought. In addition, these Admit One Chocolates would also make a great take-away gift and memorable closure to the evening.

The end! (I'm now off to find my own dessert!)

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