Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fabulous Find: Unique Molded Cake Pans

Giant Cupcake Cake Pan

While recently browsing the web, I ran across this ultra-fun giant cupcake cake pan. What child, or adult for that matter, wouldn't love being presented with this gigantic cupcake instead of a traditional sheet cake? It will surely put a grin on the guest of honor as well as all of your guest's faces. It's even large enough that it could be your tablescape centerpiece - just place the decorated cupcake on a stand as they've done in the photo! Cupcake measures: 15½" x 8¼" x 3¾". Not sure how to carry the cupcake theme through your entire party? As stated above, use this cupcake cake as your centerpiece. Scatter cake decorations, such as the fun sugared confetti pictured above, on your tabletop. For place cards, place an individual cupcake in the center of each placesetting and insert these unique cupcake toppers. Need something to keep your little guests' busy? Perhaps have them try their hand at decorating the large cupcake cake. Or, if the thought of that (or the mess they may create) frightens you - start small and have each child decorate an individual cupcake. Give a prize for the best decorated cupcakes - prettiest, most unique, scariest, etc.!

Lego Cake

Speaking of unique birthday cake ideas, I thought the above giganto cupcake cake could not be beat. That was until I ran across this very fun lego cake pan. This would also be the perfect cake for a children's birthday party. Carry the theme all the way through and make the entire party lego themed! Use the lego cake as your centerpiece (build your own fun cake plate/stand out of legos), scatter lego pieces on the tabletop, and even make cool lego designs and prop placecards on or against them. If you are really creative, I bet you could even make lego napkin rings! Just in case the kids get bored, set up lego stations around your house to keep them busy and perhaps give a prize to the child who creates the most unique lego creation. Finally, as parting gifts, give out mini boxes of legos. Lego cake is available at bettycrocker.com.

With all this talk of cake, my mouth is really watering for a nice little bite. I wish I could run my finger over the blue icing above and actually get a taste! Now, that would be nice! As my stomach is now growling, I should be running along. Please return next Tuesday for our next Fabuous Find(s)!

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The Feathered Nest said...

That is too cute! My daughter loves cupcakes and always asks for them instead of a birthday cake - I might just get this for her.

I just watched your slide show of your cute cottage! We seem drawn to the same colors.