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January Tablescape - Birthday Themed

January Tablescape
Birthday Themed Tablescape
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Both my husband's and my birthday fall in the month of January (We are exactly 2 weeks apart - mine being two weeks sooner than his.) And my older sister's bday is in January too! Since this is the case, I thought that January would be the perfect month to highlight a birthday themed tablescape. I always get a case of the winter doldrums in January, so I decided to incorporate bright and cheery colors into our January birthday theme. As you can see above, I chose pinks, greens, blues and a tad bit of purple to incorporate into this festive tablescape. To add a touch of "fun" to this grown-up tablescape, I built the table around items that reminded me of childhood birthday parties - pinwheels and party horns. For added texture, a threw some brightly colored yards of shimmery tulle (pink, blue, and green) over a plain white tablecloth. I also scattered colorful buttons for more texture. These little dots of blue, green, and pink really made the table pop!
I'd searched and searched for some fun pinwheels for the focal piece of my birthday tablescape. All I ran across were either too summery looking or just plain 'cheesy'. You know the type I'm talking about - shiny primary colored pinwheels of old. So, I finally gave up and decided to make my own pinwheels out of card stock paper. I then stuck several styles and shapes of these pinwheels into a tin flower urn as this added the perfect height my pinwheel centerpiece.
Once I finished with the pinwheels, I had some extra polka dot scrapbook paper so I decided to make fun placecards out of the left-overs. Just cut and fold. :-)

My fun birthday placesetting includes a colorful party horn (store bought), a cleverly folded white
napkin featuring similar buttons as scattered on the table (napkins are a Crossroads Cottage exclusive), pink shabby chic luncheon plates (the perfect size for a slice of birthday cake), and these lace shabby chic charger plates.

To view more photos of this tablescape, please click here. For an archive of birthday and other themed tablescapes, or for more information on submitting your own ideas, please click here.

Hope you enjoyed this fun and festive birthday theme! And Happy Birthday to all of my fellow January Birthday buddies! To see a list of "ingredients" to pull off a similar birthday tablescape in your home, please see below.

Tablescape Ingredients:
Shimmery Tuille- Hobby Lobby or any fabric store
Colored Buttons - Any fabric or craft store
Party Horns - Party store

Custom Pinwheels - Available at Crossroads Cottage

Fun Party/Button Napkins - A Crossroads Cottage Exclusive
Shabby Chic Luncheon Plates -
Available at Crossroads Cottage
Shabby Chic Charger Plates -
Available at Crossroads Cottage

Secrets to Success:
* If you are low on time and money, but you'd still like your tablescape to look amazing, purchase tulle at a fabric or craft store. (Yes, tulle is the stuff that ballerina skirts are typically made of, but it can be used for so much more!) They make it in lots of fun colors these days - some are even shimmery! Sewing not required. Just throw layers of this over your bare table, or for a more finished look layer these layers over a cloth from your exisisting collection. If you are using colorful tuille, a plain white cloth underneath will really make the tulle pop! Warning: As tulle is highly flammable, please keep clear of flames - including birthday candles!
* If you don't have the time to make pinwheels, but you are looking for a creative and inexpensive birthday party centerpiece, consider wrapping several different sizes of boxes in bright/colorful wrapping paper. Make a gift tower out of them by wrapping boxes with matching ribbon. Even better, if you are the gift giver, wrap your gifts and place them strategically in the center of the table to create your own fun
gift centerpiece!
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Alice W. said...

Love it! That is such an adorable tablescape! Happy Birthday to you both! I hope they are filled with joy and excitement!!!