Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Day Tablescape Crafts

My latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens arrived last week and I've finally had a chance to browse through the pages. They had some great Valentine's Day ideas in the magazine and even more wonderful Valentine's day crafts, treats, and decor ideas on line. I loved them so much that I thought that I'd pass some of my favorites along. ~ Shana
I just adore the above wreath. This would make a great family project for a cold winter weekend day. I especially love how they've hung this wreath over the side of a dinner chair. The only thing better than one of these hung over a chair would be a wreath hung over each of the chairs at your tablescape.

And, how cute is the above? A bouquet of lollipop heart treats! Just line a few cups filled with these unique Valentine's day treats down the center of your table. After your event, guests can then walk away with these adorable, and tasty, items as favors.

I love the use of colors in this tablescape. It is fun and romantic at the same time. The fluorescent pinks and reds mixed with the yellow roses are certainly nontraditional, but at the same time so unforgettable! And the paper cones (filled with chocolates) propped in champagne glasses is another great idea!

Now, I've been known to wrap ribbon around cupcakes, but I typically ice mine. After this photo, I've realized that icing really isn't necessary! Plain powdered sugar, or even cocoa, seems to do and creates a wonderfully simple look. And there is a great benefit as well: less sugar and calories! :-) Just place a batch of the above on differing heights of cake stands and you are good to go for a centerpiece!

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