Monday, February 2, 2009

Pinwheels Featured

My, it's been some time since I've posted. The Snow Day got me started on a business project that has left me swamped since. (Give me a 'day off' and I'll be sure to give myself some additional work. I think I'm a workaholic - or as Roger says, I just don't like to sit still.) I guess I also forgot to post that the wind dance did not work so I was back to my real job bright and early on Thursday morning - boo! Good news: We got all the way up to 43 degrees yesterday which means the mounds of snow are about half their original height. Bad news: We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Only an inch, but still. I'm so ready for April. :)
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Anyhoo, after days of work, I've finally added a "Do It Yourself" portion to my website - perfect for those do it yourselfers who want to know hot to make pinwheels. As well as having a Pinwheel Instruction Guide, I'm also selling all of the products do it yourselfers will need to assemble pinwheels. These products are the exact products I use to assemble my pinwheels, so I personally know they work - which is a biggie. (When I first attempted to make pinwheels, so many sites provided pinwheel instructions that either didn't work or were too complicated. ) In addition to selling pre-drilled handles, I'm also selling the glue, pins, and beads that I've found work best in the assembly process. Decorative scissors, hand punches, craft knives, and the perfect sized hammer are also available. Now anyone with the time and patience can assemble their perfect party pinwheels themselves.
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Over the weekend, I also learned that my Valentine's Day Pinwheels are also featured in two online publications - just in time for Valentine's Day. Excitement!
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Our Valentine's Day Pinwhirls are featured on the Thoughtfully Simple site. The feature highlights creative Valentine's Day table top decor. To check out the feature, plus search for more thoughtful yet simple ideas for your everyday, click here.

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Our Valentine's Day Pinwhirls were featured in v4 issue 26: Hearts Galore (February 1, 2009) issue of Tot Trends Weekly Magazine. To browse this issue click here. Or check out the blog issue as well here.

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Laura said...

Wahoo for you being featured!! That is so exciting. I love that your adding a 'do it yourself' feature to your biz. As soon as I have a worthy occasion, I'll have to give the pinwheels a whirl--ha! I'm sure you haven't heard that one before :)

HOW do you get yourself featured in so many cool places?

FlipFlop Mom said...

I'm so proud of you!! they are beautiful!!!

Great flower lady said...

Thats sooo cool~ congrats