Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creations in Bloom

Last weekend, a client of mine asked if I was able to make larger pinwheels. I had never attempted larger ones as I thought they would have difficulty spinning. I decided to give the larger pinwheels a try - this time on 12" handles instead of 8". It turns out I had been wrong all along - the pinwheels above actually spin easier than the pinwheels on 8" handles. Who knew? And, I'm still not sure why. I was so giddy with delight. (Just ask Roger I get so excited about all things pinwheels. Yep, I'm weird.) So, in addition to the custom order that I prepared for the client I also made a few more sets for my website. They measure around 15" tall and I now heart them more than any of my other sizes!
My other big project ...
I've just completed my spring line of pinwheel papers! So pretty. I'm so happy to be working with pastel colors again. Yippee. There are over 35 paper designs available here. Haven't had time to create pinwheels using these papers YET but I hope to do so soon. Who knows - I may also create another spring tablescape utilizing them.
Speaking of tablescapes. I plan on putting together a March themed table this weekend. Anyone have a guess on the theme?


La Donna Welter said...

Love everything that you have been up to...the look of your web sites, and your giant pinwheels! : )

lisalyn said...
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lisalyn said...
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lisalyn said...

Sorry about the deleted comments. I messed up! :)

I just wanted to say your pinwheels are fabulous!
I've become a follower!

Laura said...

Ahh...that is such a good picture of you and Roger! AND how adorable that he said you forgot to remind him to wear his pink on Friday! Too cute! I think Justin has one pink shirt... I'll have to get him to wear it more often!

Lovin' the new pinwheels! Great idea to go bigger! The pink & green dot ones pictured are so FUN! I looked at all your new spring papers and I LOVE them all! Great work!

FlipFlop Mom said...

I love the picture of you and your hubby!!!! Looks like you had a great night!!!

And of course I LOVE the pinwheel paper and the pinwheels...

Hmm the month of march... it could be St.Patty's Day OR Easter.. Easter is in March..???? right???