Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung. {Yay!} And, so has my Wheat Grass. {Double Yay!} Nope, I don't eat or drink the stuff. I know, I know it's supposed to be super nutritious but the thought of ingesting anything grass related just doesn't sound appetizing to me - at all.
So, bet you are wondering why I'm growing trays of wheatgrass. For my Easter tablescape, of course. My goal is to complete one this weekend. One thing is for sure - I need to do this soon as this grass is at the exact perfect height and green-ness. {Another Yay!}
Years ago I attempted growing wheatgrass on my own and I failed miserably as I purchased seed and directions specifically for wheat grass that one juices. This time I purchased kits from Dogwood Farms as they actually have centerpiece kits available. I purchased their 8" round centerpiece kits. The kits come with perfect instructions on how to grow wheat grass for centerpieces - it needs to be grown thicker than wheatgrass for juicing. I was a little pessimistic, I must admit - as by day 4 I barely had any growth. But, here we are at day 7 at it's just perfect. Will definitely be using them again.
Anyhoo, stay tuned for my Easter tablescape photos utilizing this lovely spring grass. :)


Laura said...

I'm back, I'm back!! AND trying to catch-up on blogs :) Aren't you sooo excited about Spring?!?! The Wheat Grass is so cool. I want some!

Thanks for all the compliments on my photos. It was so much fun to shoot that tiny baby! My camera came yesterday and my lenses today...I'm ready to go out and try 'er out!

Can't wait to see your Easter tablescape! It will be so cool with the grass.

FlipFlop Mom said...

ohhh I can't wait to see your tablescape!!! WOO HOO!!!

alicew said...

Ahhh...a girl after my own heart...growing wheat grass for decor! Not food! Sounds like something I would do ;) It looks beautiful...not edible...and I can't wait to see your next tablescape!

alicew said...

Hey again Shana! Just popping in to say thanks for the sweet words you left for me!! You are a gem!

Brenda Heisler said...

Can't wait to see it. Should be great. Sounds so Martha Stewart!

Lori said...

Oh wish I could do the same, but kitty dear would have it ate and then being sick!! Can't wait to see!! Lori

Brooke said...

I LOVE wheat grass centerpieces! Yipee for you indeed! (Isn't it awesome to watch that crazy stuff grow?! :))

Can't wait to see your finished project!