Monday, March 9, 2009

Breath of Fresh Air ...

Our tulips - not sure when they poked through. I swear they weren't there Saturday!
Yesterday morning, I awoke to a breath of fresh air ... literally ... as we got to sleep with our bedroom window cracked. (We had lovely weather in Indiana this weekend - lovely as in highs in the 70s). The room smelled like spring and it was so wonderful to just lay in bed listening to the birds chirp. It was wonderfully relaxing experience until I looked at the clock and realized that we 'sprung forward' while we were slumbering and with lots and lots to do, I had to rise and get to work. Bummer indeed.
It was light outside until almost 8 last night. Don't get me wrong, I love daylight, but Indiana seriously chose the wrong time zone. We don't need it to be light until 8pm in March just like we don't need it to be light until 10 pm in June. I much preferred it when we didn't follow daylight savings time and it got lighter earlier in the morning; so much easier to rise with the birdies when the sun is actually risen. Okay, my little rant for the day.
Anyhoo, since I've been so busy working, I thought I'd post some photos of some of my recent projects. These are only some of them as the rest of the photos were saved on my narcoleptic laptop that I still haven't had a chance to bring in for repairs. I've been so swamped that my older sister (the stay at home mom) and my youngest sister (the nursing student) have been helping me with some orders. Both of them have gotten a crash course in pinwheel assembly and both are now pros. They've been a huge help - think I'd go crazy without being able to fall back on them. Yay for sisters! Hopefully I can continue to hire them on as more orders come into the shop. :) Oh yes, I should also mention Roger. Although he's not home much this season, he tries to help out when he can. He's my tech support and handle hole driller. And he also helps out with the cooking and grocery shopping when he can since I haven't had much time for these type of tasks lately. (Now if only he noticed or even cared when the house started to look messy!)

Some new table sign designs ...

Another new design - the above and the below are my favorite!

The weekend before last I also spent a large amount of time designing some new baby shower and spring themed scrapbook papers to add to my pinwheel papers collection. Although I haven't had time to officially count, I think I now have over 300 exclusive designs posted. I've also begun selling these papers by the sheet - and I've already gotten some orders. :)
Well, my stomach is now growling so I'm off to scrounge for some dinner. Don't have much time to fool with food prep tonight so thank goodness for left-overs!


Dawnie said...

I love your new designs..very cheerful looking.

We are still in the cold, sleet, snow stage. My crocus have popped thru the ground but only the tips. I'm quite sad about this.

heathergyoung said...

How great that you've gotten so much business lately!!!

It's been uncharacteristically warm here too. I put on the AC in my car on Saturday!

Erika Gregory said...

I love them all, but you know which one is MY fave! Thanks for posting it....