Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pinwheels Spinwheels

I've been up to my eyeballs in pinwheels lately. Custom pinwheel orders have literally taken over every facet of my life and my home (well, except for the bathrooms - that would just be gross!). By months end I estimate I'll have made over 800 (both cupcake toppers and handheld pinwheels) for various birthday parties, weddings, and event planners. I'm really excited about this explosion in business. Although I must admit a bit stressed some times as well, but now that I have the process down I think I can almost construct them in my sleep - kind of like that cell phone commercial where the guy is texting in his sleep. (Love that one!) Although the cutting process for me might be a bit dangerous to perform with my eyes shut.

At the end of the month I plan on posting photos of some of the larger custom orders - some are very cool and for some very exciting events. :-)

In the midst of the above, I also spent most of last weekend helping Roger get ready for his new job. Starting anew he wanted to totally deck out his new office. Of course I liked the idea (since I like to decorate - and spend $ on decorating) so I helped him out with the process. Above and below are some of the photos. It's pretty basic as the walls had to remain white and you can't really do much as far as hanging goes since the walls are cinderblock. We added cork boards and calendars to the walls, bought lamps so he wouldn't have to use the super bright fluorescent lights (with no windows and zero natural lighting the fluorescent were just too much!), and even added some plants to bring some outdoors in. I really hate the color black (I'd paint all furniture white if I could) but all of the existing fixtures were either black or gray so we had to work around that and decided to add little splashes of red to the room.

Above is a photo of the piano keyboard in his office. Truth be told I was sort of upset that they had a keyboard for him. At his former job they did not which meant that he kept his personal keyboard at work 99% of the time. Now this means that his own keyboard is at home taking up some of our valuable home office space. Although I guess it's a wash as he did bring all of his sheet music and other various music books to work so we now have a ton of open files and bookshelves in our office. Yippee!!!

In other news, our gardens are really blooming - especially the hydrangeas. I'm trying my hand at drying hydrangeas this summer. If I'm successful I plan on using them in my August tablescape - which may not be posted until September - especially the way things are going around here. :)

We also have abundant amounts of tomatoes and cucumbers. We can't eat them fast enough. Although our co-workers are loving us for bringing it what we can't consume. The above is a tomato mozzarella salad we made last week. So yummy and easy. Just slice tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese ball. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, chopped basil, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and tada your done. :-)


Laura said...

My, oh my...I knew you were busy with something, since I had to wait oh so patiently for a new post from you. It was worth it though :) Those tomatoes look scrumptious and I love what you did with Roger's office!

I can't wait to see all the pinwheels you've been working on...sounds like fun. I'm about to be up to my eyeballs in invitations. I'm starting a huge custom order SOON! Have a great weekend!

La Donna Welter - Vintage Photo-Oil Artist said...

800 pinwheels...OH MY GOSH!
Can't wait to see pictures!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Whoooo Hoooo....I can feel the breeze from all your pinwheels all the way down here in Florida! I understand the concept of "creating while you sleep". Too bad we don't have little elves to help us out while we have a bit of down time! Can't wait to see pictures of your projects...I know they are DARLING! Hope you are having a great weekend and catching up on some rest :) ~ xoxo Joy

Marie Antionette said...

I think its wonderful that business is booming for you.I'm sure you are stressed.Everything is si well done.I've always loved pinwheels.I've seen a couple of tomato dishes ,They all look so good.Hugs Marie Antionette

Kelly said...

The pinwheels are adorable! And I too would do everything white, but oh well we can *lighten* things up a bit with our decorating!

take care!