Sunday, July 19, 2009

The reason for my absence ...

The above is the reason for my absence in the blogging world. This is what my house looks like on a typical Sunday night. My kitchen and living room are taken over with boxes. Boxes and boxes of custom pinwheels, party hats, and banners. Think tomorrow's shipments will require both Roger's and my cars.
Other than the above, not much new here. The summer is slipping away without much time for enjoyment because of this craziness although our Indiana summer has been very Seattle -esq so I haven't been missing much. Looking forward to vacation next week, but kind of wondering if I can really escape from all of this. Guess we will see. :)
Maybe one day I can return to regular blogging and officially open my new blog site. Until then ...


Laura said...

WOW!!! You are busy! I'm getting a little tired of trips to the post office, myself! BUT that's great your business is doing so wonderfully :)

I LOVE the floors in that picture! Is that a dark hardwood?

We go on vacation next week too...but I'm taking my computer, because I have a feeling I'll need to do a little work. Darn! Oh well, guess you never really get totally away when you have your own business.

Have a great week! Glad to know you're still around :)

Great flower lady said...

good for you glad your sooo busy!!

Marie Antionette said...

We will see you soon,I'm happy your busy.XXOO Marie Antionette

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tagskie said...

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heathergyoung said...

Wowy, you sell a lot of stuff. Tons of boxes!!!! Congrats :)

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