Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog Browsing ...

While blog browsing last night, I stopped into my favorite event planning blog, Lemiga Events. My frequent followers have heard me mention Michelle's site and blog before as I am a huge fan of her work - her attention to detail is amazing. Because of the aforementioned, I wasn't surprised to learn that she was included not once but twice in the Atlantan Brides 1st Anniversary issue. I was however a bit surprised and excited to see that the blurp about her August Open House Soiree featured a photo of her wheatgrass cupcake display - and not because this display wasn't just darling but because some of my items also made an appearance.

As you can see from the photo above, my cupcake topper pinwheels were actually featured in the right photo. Although my business name was not mentioned this did not curtail my excitement; after all, someone out there must have thought the display, and quite possibly the pinwheels, were cute enough to be featured in this magazine. And how could they not considering the darling way Michelle propped the cupcakes into wheatgrass and integrated cupcake towers - she deserves all of the credit, as usual her details can make something ordinary look extrordinary.
So, that's been my excitement for the week. Now it's almost time for the weekend. Yippee!

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Lemiga Events said...

Your pinwheels were so perfect for my Soiree. Thanks again for working with me!