Thursday, November 13, 2008

Candy Cane Dreams

Christmas has arrived a bit early at the Dreher household this year.

While I was dreaming candy cane dreams last evening, I could have sworn that I heard some bells ringing in the distance. When I awoke this morning, guess what I found in my living room! A fully decorated Christmas tree complete with my favorite thing - pinwheels! And not only are those little elves great at creating creative toys, they even got super creative and made pinwheels into ornaments! Talk about thinking outside the Christmas box. And my those elves must have been busy bees working until the wee hours of the morn' as I know how long it takes to assemble pinwheels and Santa's right hand boys and girls assembled enough to fully cover an entire Christmas tree. And my are they good - they even coordinated the pinwheels with my living room colors perfectly. Santa must have been watching me closely this year and I'm supposing from the loot that he also feels I've been a good little girl this year!
They also inserted several of these gigantic candy canes into the whimsically decorated tree. These things probably weigh more than the elves themselves. I better start licking now or I'll never have this deliciousness finished before Santa slides down our chimney once again.

I've been thinking, that since I was given such a bounty of pinwheel ornaments that I should share them. Wouldn't want to be spoiled and keep these unique Christmas ornaments just to myself.

So, for a limited time, if you'd like to also fill your tree with candy cane dreams this holiday season, just visit my site and use the voucher 'elf' for 10% off your entire order. Now through November 30th only. This discount applies at my Crossroads Cottage site only. Discount not available at my Etsy shop.

Besides these pinwheels, we also have an abundance of other holiday decor and gift items on sale - most at wholesale prices!
To view more photos of the goodies the elves left last evening, please see below! And for more information on these candy cane themed ornaments, just click here.


Great flower lady said...

Way to cute!!!! Love it, and Now I know you must not have any kids to mess things UP???? CUTE

Marie Antionette said...

As usual,what a drop dead gorgeous Christmas tree, using the pinwheels.How kool is that.Just fab I tell you,just Fab.LOL..It really is very beautiful.I hope Santa puts lots of pretties in it.I think Santa still wants me to have a new truck.Rather I want one or not. Thabks sweetie for stoping by.Hugs and kisses Marie Antionette

La Donna Welter said...

"Thinking outside the Christmas Box"...Love it!
The Christmas tree is beautiful! I think I'm going to have to go see what your little elves have been up to! : )
Thanks also for the very nice comment about my paper cuts! It is appreciated!
La Donna

Laura said...

What a lucky little girl you are to have Santa's elves work so hard for you :) I am loving the idea of pinwheels on the tree. So creative and the colors are great!

You're soo getting me in the Christmas spirit! My tree might not be as extravagant this year, since I'll have an 11 month-old ready to pull everything off!

Thanks for sharing these great pictures! Merry Christmas!

Erika Gregory said...

Absolutely stunning! Your tree is gorgeous and the pinwheels are the perfect touch.

Lisa said...

Wow, your tree is so beautiful! The pinwheels are stunning!

julie king said...

your tree with all the pinwheels in red and white just takes my br
ath away!!