Thursday, September 25, 2008

August Tablescape - A bit (more like a lot) late!

Better late than never - here is our August Tablescape. Betcha can't guess what the theme is!!! Drum roll please ... pinwheels, but of course! The above whimsical centerpiece and tablescape would actually be perfect for an outdoor kid's birthday party as the pinwheels integrated into the decor can serve as party favors and they'll actually spin in the outdoor breezes!

I've taken a plain ol' glass cookie jar and filled it to the brim with pinwheels ...

tons of brightly colored mini pinwheels. So many that each child will find the particular design that they'll just fall-in love with. And these mini ones are just perfect for small hands.

In addition to sticking the pinwheels in the cookie jars, I've also propped a few into clear glass jars and vases.

And for seating cards I've attached one of our clothespin pinwheels to the rim of the place setting where I've just neatly slid both a place card (made of a plain old tag) and napkin under the pinwheel (great for a windy day as neither the place card or napkin will try to take flight!)

I've also stuck some of our mini pinwheels into wheat grass growing in baskets. A very unique way to display these cuties. (Even works great at larger events - just stick trays of wheat grass on your seating card tables and prop pinwheels, with the seating card flags, into the wheatgrass!)

All of the pinwheels pictured are available for purchase at both our esty shop and our website. We are also able to work with clients on finding the perfect paper to match their party theme. In addition to having papers in stock, for smaller orders, we can also order in paper, or custom design paper to match an event perfectly!


vintagewindow said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Love all your creations. The pinwheels are darling.


Laura said...

Better late than never :)
Great tablescape! I love all the pinwheels in the big cookie jar-very cute!!

Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

I'm not sure how long ago I had came across your site but found it again and what a delight! I live just south west of Notre Dame in South Bend. I loved the wonderful photos of the I.U. campus you posted awhile back and also the Mother's day table was so pretty! The tablecloth was to die for! I admire also your yard projects and how well they come out! Yes, next week in Northern IN we are expecting a cold snap so boy will we start seeing more Autumn color! Before I forget as many times as I've been to Indi I never seen the canal!! later,Lori

FlipFlop Mom said...

GOLLY.. I WANT to come over and play!!! Your house is so much fun!!

Bonecas da Filó said...

How charming! Congratulations

Alice W. said...

Very cute!

Brooke said...

What a great idea for all those candy bar left over jars!

Thanks for the idea spark!

p.s. You've been tagged. :)

megha said...

I really love all your creations

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