Friday, May 23, 2008

Potpourri of Projects

A newly bloomed Aster in our hanging planters.

Hello fellow friends. Sorry I've been MIA all week - again. Thanks for all those who voted on my balcony cushion dilemma. I'm certainly going to take all of your fabulous advice and keep the Damask cushions. Yay! I really did love them, but with my love for all things Damask, I was beginning to doubt my decision as I am a bit biased in loving the pattern so much. Thanks to all of you who've helped persuade me to keep them. :-) Yippee! I know that I'll enjoy them all summer long!
My week was filled with a potpourri of projects. The biggest of which was a custom pinwheel order for a client through my Etsy shop. Above is just a portion of her order for an upcoming birthday party.
Isn't the above pinwheel paper just too cute and summery?!
For those of you who haven't visited my site in sometime, I've also added some more fun and fabulous party products. Most all of the products (including event favors, place cards, and centerpiece items) are summer, beach, or outdoor themed. They are just too cool - and best of all most can serve dual purposes as both favors and place cards which can certainly help with an event budget.
Roger was back to a more normal schedule this week so we were able to get a couple of walks in on some of the nicer days. While we strolled through our neighborhood, and a neighboring neighborhood, I snapped some pictures of my favorite homes. I love this house, but even more than the house, I love the yard. It appears that they have over 3 city lots - you just don't see a home with this large of a yard this close to the city. And they have it so fabulously landscaped. I also love the wrought iron fence that wraps the entire yard.

The above is one of my favorite houses as well. I drive by it everyday and I'm just in awe of the yard. It's another double city lot and you can't tell from the photo but it's immaculately kept. I also love the third story room - look at those windows! Can you imagine the lighting in that room? I always joke with Roger that we need to copy this look on our third floor. Somehow I don't think that will happen anytime soon - or ever. Also, while walking the owners were out in their yard so Roger struck up a conversation with them. (Roger will converse with anyone - so not me - but I'm glad that he did as we learned a lot about their house - including the fact that it's actually a new home that was made to look old! Who would have thought?)

Roger and I went through this home on a home tour about 2 years ago. At that time, the house was totally gutted to the studs. The owners just finished both the inside and landscaping within the past month. I was happy that it finally appeared that they could move in (I don't know if I could take waiting on a house for 2 years) - or so I thought. While driving by the other day, I noticed a For Sale sign. I wander if I can convince Roger to look into purchasing this 'little' piece of property. HaHa. We do need more space. Somehow I think it's a bit above our heads - being this large and this close to downtown. I can dream.

Finally, this is house just down the block from ours. Another home that's new but made to look old. I love the blue colors and I especially liked the blooming pink tree in the front yard. So cheery!
I spent yesterday evening creating another tablescape. Above is a sneak peek! Another one isn't due to be posted until June 1st, but if you're lucky, I may post photos earlier. (In fact, I know that I'll post photos by early next week!) So, check back to both my blog and website ...
I don't know about all of you, but I'm certainly happy that it's a long weekend! I actually took the day off work today to clean out my garage. And wouldn't you know it - it's been raining all day(so much for a 30% chance)! So, it looks like Roger and I will have to accomplish this task tomorrow. Our garage is so embarrassing in it's current state. You can barely even walk into the place. Part of the problem is that it's only a 1 car, the other part of the problem is that we don't have any organization systems so everything usually gets thrown into a pile or misplaced. So, tonight we plan to stimulate the economy once again and make a much needed trip to the garage organization section of Lowe's. Hopefully it will be much more organized and usable by tomorrow night. And, I'll be sure to take before and after photos. Although it will take much courage to post the before photos - it's just plain awful! Other than this big project, I plan to stay in on Sunday(more than likely I will work - or if I'm feeling lazy I'll probably drive to my parents to hang out and be a bum the entire day). On Memorial Day, it's my nieces 5th birthday so we'll be celebrating that the entire day at my sister's house. There is a huge event going on in Indy this weekend - the Indianapolis 500. I'm trying to stay out of the city which is kind of hard to do since we live in the city. (We are so close to the race track that you can actually hear the cars.) Roger just found out that he gets to attend. He's excited as he's never been. I've been once and don't desire to go again. Once the cars go around a few times, I've seen enough. The only other cool aspects are the crashes, but that's just too mean to wish for that kind of excitement.
Okay, I guess I've rambled enough for now. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone. I can't wait to catch-up on all of my blog friends and see what they are or will be up to for the extended weekend. Stay safe. ;)


Anonymous said...

I just love it when you take us through a walk in your neighborhood. And I love that blue starfish.


julie king said...

the new pinwheels are great.i agree that the colors are just so summery and fresh! thanks for the tour of homes.i would be hard pressed to pick just one favorite. i'm off to check out the new things in your etsy shop!! have a great long weekend!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Love the Pinwheels girl!!!!!!

Old houses... GOSH living in New England there are a TON here.. and I live in one myself.. about 100 years old.... we have some REAL beauty's though... almost like the first one you showed us!!!
I love houses.. I love to see how people decorate.. and even better.. I love the history behind them... If Walls Could Talk is one of my favorite "homey" shows!!!

No garage here.. but I have a basement that I don't dare let anyone into.. YIKES!!